In honor of football, drinking, American and YOU, we proclaim the Monday after the Super Bowl shall henceforth be known as National Hangover Day. It’s a day for hangovers to be celebrated, embraced and combated in the most enjoyable of ways- namely, eating delicious food, and possibly drinking more. The ultimate goal? Getting the entire country a day off work a beautiful dream you can help make happen by signing this petition to our sports-loving President right here and tweeting it.
The immediate goal though? Fixing that hangover, which is why we’ve got Sin City’s sweet hangover cures right here…
LAVO – On the Strip
Hite a little too hard on Friday? It’s time to hit the Palazzo from 2-6pm on Saturday for the Lavo Champagne Brunch, which’ll take care of your hangover principally by setting you up for another one. The high energy bash includes a mimosa bar and more than twenty kinds of Champagne.. and lots of ladies who probably never made is home last night.